How does it work?In less than a minute, you'll be up and running!

1Download & Run

Download and run the agent.Low-resource usage & non-obtrusive working guaranteed. Just click it and forget it.

2Login to the Website

Login to your account.If you don't have one, become a member.
It's easy, a working email is enough.

3Attach & View

Attach the agent id to your account.Make it your primary computer for the default dashboard. Or put it into any of your grids.


You have many computers under your responsibility

You can see all of their cpu usage, memory usage, motherboard temperature, used disk percentage and much more at a glance.


The project team has members all over the world

You can see the ip and ip-to-city-&-country information, internet speed, ping times to multiple locations, and latest reached dates.


You're at an internet cafe on a beautiful beach in Thailand

You can check the computer you're using and quickly figure out if you can get the work done with it. Easily see the system specs and the internet connection.

Try Now

You download and run a simple app on your Windows desktop, and then come back here to check the status.