What have we been doing...

Update : 2019-12-11

Major issues: Complete renewal of the landing page, small rebranding, features and pricing pages added, Demo login and dashboards with real machines created. Agent updated to v1.2.

Minor issues:

  • Fonts have changed to more effective ones.
  • Direct download link added to index page, so everyone can easily download agent.
  • Screenshots added to give upfront information about the app.
  • About page renewed.
  • CDN based outer resources included in the project so that Cloudflare can cache.
  • Added favicon.
  • Option to name computer for that grid added to grid list menus.
  • Option to make computer primary added to grid list menus.
  • Encrypted computer and grid ids.
  • Uninstall option added to agent.
  • Fixed small UI bugs.
Update : 2019-11-17

Major issues: Settings complete. Grid based happiness bugs fixed. Timezone added.

Minor issues:

  • Profile and Settings added.
  • Profile: Users can change email address and name now.
  • Settings: Timezone can be set to view all dates according to your timezone.
  • Settings: Newsletter subscription checkbox added. Not that we've yet sent a newsletter :)
  • Latest login date now kept on users table.
  • Newsletter subscription column added to users table.
  • Last update column added to computers table.
  • Dashboard had a small typo, that is fixed.
  • Small refinements on happiness calculations to reflect more realistic state.
  • Grid items cumulative happiness bug fixed.
  • Grid items are now sorted by latest updated computer on top.
  • Agent register page had a datetime shown as timestamp, fixed that.
  • Removed Freshdesk.
  • Updated privacy policy, removed Freshdesk policy links.
  • Contact page changed with email and twitter links, twitter follow buttons.
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